By creating a Social Token, you'll gain ownership over your content and have an easier way to collaborate with your community. What this technology allows you, in the end, is unlocking different experiences with your community. You have control over the means and the production of what you create throughout the process. It's no more the Creator and its fan, but more a whole community-driven by culture and values.

A fundamental aspect to understand is that an audience is passive while a community is engaged. So how do you foster a strong community willing to collaborate and grow together?

<aside> 👇 We've gathered for you the best resources to help you create a strong community that will engage and grows a broader project.


1/ General concepts around communities

Before creating a community, you have to know general rules and concepts about building a community.

2/ How to start and foster a community

Now that you understand better what it takes to gather a strong community around a joint project, you'll need to understand better how to do it concretely.

3/ How to assign roles

Once you've gathered a strong community and more and more people want to contribute, you'll have, as a community leader, to assign roles and organize the community to run smoothly.