<aside> 🚧 This is an experimental program. That means not everything is quite figured out and aspects may change in the future — based on your feedback! We appreciate your interest and understanding.


What's a Community Champion?

A Community Champion is a member of the CoinTracker customer community who loves cryptocurrency, taxes, and helping others. They participate in and encourage discussions on our community channels like Reddit, Telegram, and our forums. Community Champions aren't directly employed by CoinTracker, nor are they required to work any set schedule.

To help you become a CoinTracker expert we'll provide free CoinTracker services for portfolio tracking, and tax calculation.

What might you do as a Community Champion?

Who can be a Community Champion?

We're looking for empathetic folks who use CoinTracker to help solve they day-to-day needs for portfolio management and taxes. Someone who loves crypto and helping others learn! You'll be helping out users in writing so an ideal Community Champion is comfortable communicating in clear written English.

What sort of commitment do you need?

We recognize Community Champions are some of our most valued customers and we believe that any time you can give is greatly appreciated! There are no requirements for engagement, only a best effort to help out when you can.

Sound cool? 😎

Send us a note and we'll schedule some time to chat!