Dear lean entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and corporate innovators. We at AspenLabs and co:dify believe that the high art of being creative in design thinking and Lean Startup lies not in brainstorming or coming up with elaborated concepts. We rather consider the act of creatively conceiving the right experiments with customers as the ultimate litmus test of any creative entrepreneur. It is conscious experimentation that produces most learning and therefore deserves our highest respect.

But we also know how hard it is to get started with this, especially for corporate innovators, counter-intuitive world of design thinking and lean experimentation. This is why in our trainings we introduce a selection of the most common methods of lean experimentation in the form of a 'menu' for inspiration and learning. We are happy to share our collection as well as references to the most important people and sources about lean experimentation with you, too.

Lean Experiment Menu (coming soon)

Browse our little library for the most common and effective lean experiments. We add more from time to time:

Lean Experiments Library

Lean Experiments

What You Should Know

Familiarize yourself with a Lean Startup testing and experimentation 101. These articles by David Bland and Bruno PeŇ°ec are a great start:

Step-by-step guide for designing Lean Experiments

How to Avoid Biases In Your Product Experiments

Rules of Thumb for Quantitative Experiments - Kromatic Blog

Helpful Software

Must Read Books For Lean Experimentation

The Real Startup Book

The first and is until today most comprehensive collection of lean experiments, compiled by a crowd of entrepreneurs and passionate lean startup enthusiasts, curated by Tristan Kromer. This oldie but goldie is still our favourite.

Strategyzer | Testing Business Ideas - Process to Reduce Innovation Risks

The new kid on the block by David Bland. Beautifully curated. For beginners and intermediates alike. If you need a reference book for the most frequently used experiments, this is it.

Lean Analytics Book - Use data to build a better startup faster

This an already more advanced book, which goes into the nitty gritty details of measuring 'metrics that matter'. It definitely helps you to get unstuck in projects, when building digital products/services.

Experiment Guide

Another new kid on the block. A real deep dive on A/B testing from world-class experts on the topic.

People and Institutions Worth Following

Steve Blank Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Love the Problem

GrasshopperHerder - Startups & Innovation Ecosystems

Strategyzer Blog

Precoil - Blog

Stanford's Lean LaunchPad Course Sets Students on Entrepreneurial Trajectory - Stanford Technology Ventures Program

Inspirational Stories from Lean Startups


How DropBox Started As A Minimal Viable Product


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