A couple examples from our pupil projects:


VibrifyMake your instrument practise easier!

by Alan Erik Kasuk from Tallinna Mustamäe Gümnaasium

Website / Prototype / MVP / Interview

Vibrify is for all musicians who might be looking for a comfortable solution to make their day to day instrument practice easier. Early adopters are young & middle aged musicians (14-45) who play an instrument and own a smart-device or computer.


The idea validation was done it using Design Thinking methodology & Lean Canvas tool.

His app prototype is built with Figma tool, the app makes day to day practice easy for musicians. It has features like practice and setlists (which can be randomized, sorted etc), community sharing, cross platform sync, metronome and many other beneficial features, while keeping everything as minimalistic and simple as possible.

Vibrify will be released first on Android as a native app and its backend will use Firebase. It will support an offline mode.

He is recycling a responsive HTML5 template for his landing site, Project Management is done using Trello & Notion.


Vibrify – Lean Canvas early validation by Alan-Erik Kasuk.


FashionR8Upload pictures of your outfits and get immediate feedback from other fashion lovers.

by Agneta Kaldma from Tallinna Ühisgümnaasium

Website / Prototype / MVP / Interview **

Designed for women between the ages of 15-24 who want to get quick and honest feedback.

The idea validation has been done it using Design Thinking methodology & Lean Canvas tool.

She has built her app prototype using Figma tool. Users can login/signup, upload or create some outfits, get ratings and chat with other fashionistas.


Her website is built using HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript and Project Management is done using Trello.