ℹ️ During the 7th week of our full-time Immersive course, we work with industry partners like Stripe, Mymizu, Rakuten RapidAPI, Spotify, Twilio and Vonage to provide an enterprise-level hackathon experience. Our students are challenged to build a brand new application from scratch in just 4 DAYS!🤯

Why We Do Hackathon Night?

Hackathon experience helps to polish students' resumes, prepare them for technical interviews, and work on their pitching skills.

It also gives the opportunity to promote yourself as a thought leader in the Tokyo tech community via public-facing tech talks. Previous students have done everything from AI, AR/VR to blockchain to shaders-anything that they have explored using code.

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See our playlist of Hackathon Night on YouTube here

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Hackathon Night Partners

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Recent Projects

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