<aside> ℹ️ During the [Foundations](*19hmpag*_ga*MTEwNDYxNTE1NC4xNjMyNDgzMTIw*_ga_BNYX286KG7*MTYzNDY5NDAzMi4xNjEuMC4xNjM0Njk0MDMyLjA.) course, students are required to complete various projects to practice their coding skills, develop engineering autonomy, and practice a growth mindset. These are just some of the projects and presentations that our Foundations students have done, from scratch.


Project List

Final Presentations

Personal Websites

Random Color

Nobel Prizes

Pokemon API - Pokedex

Final Presentation

ℹ️ Students can present any previous project for their final presentations. The projects below are cases where students went beyond minimum requirements and created a new project from scratch for their last day of class.

Graphic Design-5.gif

Personal Website

ℹ️ Built from scratch with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Graphic Design-6.gif