[CLASSUM Privacy Policy]

CLASSUM Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “CLASSUM”) uses and provides the user’s personal information based on the user’s consent, and actively guarantees the user’s right (the right to control one’s own personal information). CLASSUM complies with applicable laws, personal information protection regulations and guidelines of the Republic of Korea, which must be obeyed by information communication service providers.

CLASSUM’s Privacy Policy refers to guidelines on protecting the user’s valuable personal information which CLASSUM is required to comply with, in order to ensure that users use its services with confidence. This Privacy Policy is applied to CLASSUM Services (hereinafter “the Services”).

1. Collection of Personal Information

CLASSUM collects personal information to provide the Services.

The following personal information is collected when a user signs up for the Service or while the user uses the Services, through the home page, individual applications and programs, etc.


School/institution, gender, name, enrolled year, expected graduate year, major, occupation, marketing consent

The following personal information may be collected while the user uses the Service.

Device information (OS, screen size, device ID, type of mobile phone, model name of device), IP address, cookies, date of visit may be collected and improper usage record and service usage record may be automatically created when the user uses the PC web or mobile web & apps.

CLASSUM receives the following personal information from the third parties, based upon partnership agreements or affiliation with other services.

If users login to our service via a third party, (Google, Facebook) such third party shall send the user's service profile information to CLASSUM. Such information shall be handled and modified under the privacy settings permitted by the user.

The method to collect personal information is as follows.

In case of collecting personal information, CLASSUM will inform the user in advance and ask for the user's consent. Personal information is collected via the following methods: