Hello, and thank your interest in hosting an Unmasterclass! This document will explain the flow of the conversation and how to prepare.

Last Updated May 27th, 2021

Overview of the Unmasterclass Series

The Unmasterclass Series is the official knowledge share series of the Civics 2030 community. For each installment of the series, one community member (e.g. a Civics 2030 Builder, Fellow) delivers a presentation on a topic that they have developed some understanding of.

The installments are called Unmasterclasses because it is not just so-called "experts" that should be sharing what they know with people, and even "experts" have a lot to learn and would benefit from trying to teach whatever it is that they claim to know. Unmasterclasses are also helpful for people just being introduced to the topic and allow participants to connect with other people who are also interested in learning about a topic.

Hosts of an Unmasterclass come prepared with a presentation to engage the audience and introduce them to a topic in an effort to provoke further individual and collective reflection and conversation.

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The Host's Journey

The Host's Journey

The Flow of an Unmasterclass

Unmasterclass Agenda

How To: Creating Your Presentation

Components of an Unmasterclass