This session is centred on time together within your peer groups and organising ways to connect throughout the year.

The main activities will be around deciding on meet-ups, developing group agreements, thinking about how to navigate when times get tough, and to create space for peer group coordination before you head back to your places for an exciting year ahead.


In person, these sessions will take place at multiple (distributive by design) locations across the local neighbourhood, which you will be assigned on Sunday morning.

Venues Information

Session Tools

For those taking part in person, you will be given a pack to enable you to organise together with your peer group, using whichever tools you are drawn to or support what you need right now.

If you are joining virtually or recreating your own peer group session, here is the prototype Personal Doughnut canvas that has been created for us to test together. You can either print it out if you have time to prepare ahead, draw your own DIY doughnut on paper or in a notebook, or make a copy of the digital Miro board template below to fill it in.

personal doughnut a3.pdf

Here are the other tools included in the pack for you to explore: