Welcome to the emerging space where you can find key information and tools for the Peer-To-Peer Kick Off weekend on 12th — 13th February 2022.

Congratulations to you all on co-curating and joining your incredible learning journeys! In order to embrace the plurality of this global cohort, we’re holding really lightly how your peer groups might come together, how you might shift and grow the focus of your question / enquiry, and how you might organise across a combination of in-person and digital communications.

Across the 12 groups bringing together many participants and hosts, there will be many different experiences of this journey, and the CIVIC SQUARE team is focused on providing an inspiring, provocative, nurturing, supportive backbone to the year ahead. We will continue to provide this alongside you all, but it is not to be taken as an absolute or anything to increase pressure.

There are certain moments along the journey like this first Kick Off that are really important for us all to come together, and other times such as the studio days for which we’ll create the platform, so that you and your peers can choose to either put these on locally / online yourselves, or come to CIVIC SQUARE to work in person together. These key dates have been put into place to give a structure through the year. This is intended to provide guidance, inspiration, and tools, but not to take away from the craft and organising that you will bring yourselves.

We hope you are as excited as we are, as we prepare for the weekend to kick-start what we hope will be the opportunity of a lifetime, and for those of you able to join us in person here in Birmingham, we invite the beautiful chance to see an emerging vision take early shape and connect with the neighbourhood where we are so proud to be building with many people near and far, in order to create change across the world.

Aims Of The Kick Off

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Ways To Engage