CIP stands for CityDAO Improvement Proposal. Passing a CIP is needed whenever funds are allocated by the DAO towards an initiative. If you have an idea for a CIP, the first step is to write up the CIP using the below template. Then post it on https://forum.citydao.io. If you get confused, pop in the Discord and ask questions.

Proposal Process

  1. Any Citizen NFT holder may write a proposal and post it on the forum.
  2. For a proposal to move from forum to snapshot, it must receive 20 likes within 3 weeks.
  3. A proposal is posted on Snapshot for a vote.
  4. If it passes, the multisig allocates funds to the project.

CIP Format

  1. Proposal Name
  2. Proposal Description
  3. Project Team and Lead. Please describe team members and their qualifications.
  4. Proposal Cost and Financial Impact on DAO?
    1. Will CityDAO need to continue to fund operations on an ongoing basis?
    2. Please attach any other financial diligence - for example, estimated costs and revenue.
  5. Proposed team comp (can be USDC or Citizen NFTs)
    1. Immediate comp for research
    2. Comp at milestones
  6. What is the best case outcome?
  7. What is the worst case scenario?
  8. What’s the expected timeframe until the infrastructure is up-and-running (i.e. to be used in its full capacity by citizens and non-citizens)?
  9. How does this align with CityDAO’s mission?
    1. The mission of CityDAO is to build the network city of the future where everything is on-chain, making the physical world decentralized, transparent, immutable and permissionless.
  10. Will there be any new NFTs / tokens related to this project?