Curated small groups of interesting strangers

Deep and ongoing connections; be matched with those with similar interests for support

The Why

2020 has been a weird year. It's never been more difficult to establish meaningful connections, but now is probably when we need it the most.

Too often, we meet once and don't speak again. Socialhaus will change this dynamic by matching like-minded groups to meet repeatedly, allowing stronger connections to form.

Cohort of 50 interesting strangers in 4 weeks

Common interests

We will compile profiles of every stranger, including interests they are exploring or are passionate about, and match everyone in small groups of 4-6 based on common interests

Getting to know

The small group will meet once a week for 4 weeks with themed conversation topics, fun activities and learning objectives each week that are designed to bring you closer


In addition to the small group, you'll also meet a larger community of 50+ curious, open-minded strangers over a calendar of events including virtual tea conversations, learning something new, and board games

Cohort details

<aside> 👉 The beta cohort will run from Nov 15 to Dec 11.


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