Chipper is the largest mobile cross-border money transfer platform in Africa. We are a passionate team, dedicated to expanding financial inclusion in some of the global regions most in need of accessible, interoperable, easy-to-use, and affordable financial services.

The Team

The Intelligence team is responsible for developing data-driven engineering solutions across domains such as Fraud/Risk, Identity, Product, and Growth. As a key founding member of this team, you will be expected to help shape the team’s culture, best engineering practices, and set direction/focus for tasks and execute them while being a supportive teammate.

We are looking for analysts that can quickly answer data requests, create accessible and clean reports, and are proactive in suggesting process improvements. Generally, we are looking for motivated and curious learners that are ready to roll up their sleeves and enjoy solving problems proactively.


In a data scientist role, the most important skill will be being able to quickly and efficiently analyze large volumes of data, and to translate open-ended questions from various teams into actionable data analysis tasks and deliverables. As an early member of the team, you'll be expected to champion data driven practices within the org, and be adept at communicating with non-technical stakeholders to help unlock value in our data. You'll additionally be a resource to help folks conduct clean A/B experiments, and perform N-order data analysis that will help create different narratives and recommendations to teams.


Good To Have: