a compound word of ‘CHECK’ and ‘TRAIN’, meaning a process of breaking down, analyzing and providing feedback for your play.


  1. Buff your ELO with CHECKT.
  2. I ranked up 4 divisions already with checkt this season.

Verb. to checkt, checkted, checkting 3. Hey, let's checkt faker with you and see who's better! 4. Don't forget checkting before you start your placement.

This page illustrates the process of making CHECKT and its service.

CHECKT is a data-based game training service for 'the most usual gamer'. We [Break down > Analyse > Feedback] your plays.


🚂 This is our journey.

We thought to ourselves, "how can people improve their way of playing League of Legends?"


👀 When do we use CHECKT?