Do you want to help Chayn to support more survivors around the world? There are lots of ways to get involved, from joining our volunteer team to donating or supporting us on social media.


✋🏽 Volunteering

Chayn works with a global collective of volunteers, many of whom are survivors. We are always growing and looking for new volunteers to join our team! Our volunteers are our greatest strength - they come up with ideas for projects, co-lead our governance, and contribute to our resources to make sure that they are survivor-centred and encompass diverse perspectives from around the world. Volunteers are core to our organisation, our strategy, and our success.

Volunteering at Chayn is completely remote, and we welcome individuals from anywhere in the world. We ask our volunteers to contribute at least 4 hours per week and to attend our monthly Chayn Day, a 3-hour meeting on the first Sunday of every month. Where possible, we also ask volunteers to join a weekly 2-hour work session, but we are adaptable around volunteers’ schedules. In addition to group work sessions, volunteers work on projects in their own time. Volunteer tasks include writing and editing content for our resources and external communications, research, outreach and more.

We work in cycles of three months (Jan - March, April - June, July - September, and October - Dec). Each cycle, we decide on priority projects and assign project leads and teams who ensure the priorities are achieved. At the end of each cycle, we do a ‘spring clean,’ where we check which existing volunteers would like to continue on to the next cycle. There is no pressure for volunteers to continue - we understand everyone has different commitments and availability! Volunteers who leave are welcome to come back at any time.

Volunteer applications are open throughout the year, but we welcome new volunteers at the beginning of each cycle, so they can start alongside others and join the cycle project teams. Facebook is our primary communication channel for volunteers, so all volunteers must have a Facebook account (or be happy to make one). To keep in touch and collaborate with each other, we also use other online tools such as Slack, Google Drive, Zoom and Miro, but don’t worry if you don’t know how to use them all yet: volunteering with Chayn is a great way to learn!

To apply to become a Chayn volunteer, fill in this short form. We will review your application. If you are accepted, we will be in touch to set up a mandatory induction call. In this call, we look for commitment, clarity of vision and alignment with our values. We’ll tell you more about volunteering at Chayn, how we work as a team, and answer any questions you have. Afterwards, we’ll add you to our communication channels, introduce you to the team, and help you get started!

Here’s what our volunteers say about us:

”I found Chayn exactly when I needed it.. The community of Chayn volunteers have become such close friends, and people I am so proud to know and work with. My work ethic has improved so much since joining - I’ve learned that I’m capable of so much more than I give myself credit for, and I’ve done things and taken part in work I could have only dreamed of doing before. Being a volunteer with Chayn has literally changed my life for the better; I’m more confident, understand my own trauma more, and have even found a job in the sector because of the work I’ve done with Chayn. I’ll always be grateful for finding this wonderful team!” - Chloe Chross

“I have enjoyed every moment of working with Chayn! My favorite part is the people, all volunteers and members of the Chayn community truly love what they do and are passionate about Chayn’s mission. They go the extra mile to make a difference in other people’s lives. The diverse range of projects that Chayn has to offer has always excited me and allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. For me, Chayn has been like a family- always stayed with me through the ups and downs and I know I can always count on them no matter what.” — Lakshmi Manjoosha

“After getting fired from my Dev job at a startup, I set out to finally find my people. Folks who like me care much about how they treat their teammates and how they look at the world. I was pulled in by an amazing website design, their message and proof of how they leveraged tech for genuine social change. Being a part of the Chayn team has been the best support I have ever had; from getting fired from my Dev job to becoming a Mother. Every single member has been my people. They’ve provided a safe space for me to continue to heal as a Survivor and grow into a new career as a Product Manager. A real work family.” — Tiffany Lo

“Volunteering with Chayn has helped me to process and understand my own experiences, and feel I’m making a real difference to other survivors. The open culture and collaborative ways of working are unlike anywhere else I’ve worked or volunteered - it’s a very empowering experience!” — Ruth Davies

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