ChatDaddy is a WhatsApp Automated Marketing platform, and offers one-stop management of WhatsApp system to small and medium-sized enterprises. Main features: Team Inbox customer service, Broadcast, Keyword Reply and Automatic Order Notification. Industries we have been serving: Beauty/Hairdressing/Makeup, Sales/Retail/Wholesale, Education/Financial services and Retail stores, suitable for all industries that need to handle a large number of customers

ChatDaddy help simplify the team customer service process and provide a comprehensive marketing plan.

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Getting ready to use ChatDaddy ︱(3mins)

Inbox - How to invite team members to join your Chatdaddy Account (1mins)

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How to set up Keyword Automation (2mins)

How to Broadcast (3mins)

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My ChatDaddy account has been disconnected**, what should I do?**

Do I have to synchronise every time when I login the system?

How many people can I send for each broadcast? How many broadcast can I do?

How to prevent block by WhatsApp

How to unblock WhatsApp

FAQ About Whatsapp Multi-device Bugs

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How to invite a team member

How to switch team

How to set up a team member to view all chats, but cannot reply

I have 7 stores, how to set up

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Team Hierarchy | Access Rights Explained

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