This pop-up is designed to engage visitors in a simple game that hopefully leads to a larger discussion that challenges most people ideas that algorithms are value neutral and engage them in a deeper conversation about data privacy and security. This guide is intended for a public pop-up, but facilitators can play the Algorithm Game anywhere and adapt it to their needs.

Pop-Up Materials

Algorithm Game Materials

Sign Materials (White board & dry erase markers, pre-made poster)

Other DLINQ Tabling Materials (recommend: bookmarks, data detox kit, books)


Choose a wide, open and public space for passerbys to see you. Set-up your table with enough space for the algorithm game on one side and tabling materials on the other. Many people came for the game and the free candy, but stayed to peruse the books, use the data detox kit, and to talk about the experience.


Algorithm Game

In the game, our opponent’s objective is to get the candy and not end up with the undesirable object, our objective is simply to satisfy our algorithmic function.


13 pieces of candy

1 undesirable object

Prizes (Optional)

Algorithms of Oppression (Optional)

Simple (Facilitator Goes First)

  1. Leave a space clear on the table for the 13 pieces of candy and 1 undesirable item.
  2. Explain to your partner that you’re going to play a game where you take candy from the pile in the middle, however, if someone draws the undesirable item, they lose all of their candy. There are only two rules: each player can only take 1-3 pieces of candy, and that you go first.