<aside> 🙏 Our goal is to make decisions within 72 hours on each of the steps below. As soon as we have a final hiring decision during any stage, we will let you know. Feel free to let us know if there are any other timelines or constraints on your side we can be mindful of.


1. Introduction call (20 min)

Let's meet! This call should help us get to know each other better and answer any questions you have about the company, the team, and the role. There will likely be 1-2 team members in this call. They'll be happy to answer any of your questions!

<aside> 💰 Prior to this call, we'll probably message you about salary expectations to confirm we're in the same ballpark.


<aside> 🔍 After this call, we'll ask for some examples of past work.


2**. Skills Interview (30 min):**

Time to talk shop with the founding team. We'll review the challenge, ask you some questions, answer your questions, and share our long-term plans Memberstack.

Also during this call, we'll spend 30-minutes on a virtual white boarding jam talking about your past experience, what you're really good at, and where you want to improve.

3. Take-home Challenge (less than 2 hours):

We've decided to do a DIY challenge instead of doing the regular 'live coding' or 'whiteboard' style interviews. We'd rather give you room to work without the extra pressure.

Details: We'll share a brief with all the details and assets required for the challenge, as well as what we're looking for in a solution. We'll also be available throughout if you have any quick questions or need our input along the way.

4. Technical Interview (30 min):

In this step you'll get to meet the growth team, talking through the marketing challenge, and share some of your past work. Don't be afraid to show off!

<aside> ☎️ We'll ask for references will happen sometime between steps 4 & 5.