1. The Campus Specialist programme offers employment to graduates who want to work towards building a Campus Centre at their university, i.e. a team of 2-10 individuals working from an office and directing hundreds of thousands of dollars or more towards recruiting top talent
    1. People on the programme will be employed for at least two years, develop skills and career capital of relevance to a variety of top cause areas, and be pioneering a model of community growth that we believe we will end up generating billions of dollars worth of extra capacity towards solving the worlds most pressing problems.
  2. The Campus Specialist internship programme is for community builders that haven't graduated yet that want to have a huge impact & build cross-cutting skills that are relevant to a variety of top cause areas, and test their fit for full-time meta-EA work. Folks will be either:
    1. Working alongside a degree
    2. Doing part or full-time work over a break, eg. over Summer
    3. Doing part or full-time work on a gap semester

<aside> 💡 Support for everyone

Campus Specialists & interns will receive the following:

<aside> 💡 Support for Campus Specialists

Professionals on the program will also receive:

For more on our vision and the specifics of the campus specialist program, see this talk with Joan Gass, CEA's managing director & head of the groups team


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