<aside> 👋 Hey, you! The first step is done! You made it to our home turf. This page contains everything about who we are and what we stand for. It’s a work in progress and constantly evolving. As a result, you can help shape it yourself. We are counting on your skills and competencies to challenge us. Help us co-create a company that everyone loves to work for!


About us

We believe the future of growth is user-led. We are on a mission to build a User-Led Growth platform that allows any company to turn their users into their most effective growth channel.

We’re still in stealth mode, but are excited to share more details as we get to know each other.



The team

How we work

In the end it’s all about the team and our culture. Understand why we love what we do and see what it’s like to work here.


Working principles

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If you join us you’ll be an early team member in helping shape our future company culture, engineering practices, people who we hire and the direction and focus of our products.

Hiring process

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