At the highest level, our mission has always been to empower entrepreneurs. For ecommerce brands, one of the most challenging but important parts of success is building, customizing, and improving their Shopify store - it is the engine of growth and the foundation of the brand. We experienced first hand how difficult it was for brands to find a trusted, reliable, and affordable developer - especially for the smaller projects needed week after week.

And for the most talented Shopify developers, their experience connecting with the brands that needed them was equally as frustrating.

To solve this, we've spent the last four years creating by far the easiest way to connect with a trusted, talented, and reliable Shopify developer for projects big and small. Storetasker Experts have worked with over 30,000 ecommerce brands so far, and it's just the beginning.

Today we're thrilled to take a huge step forward with Storetasker 2.0.

Here are the most important updates:

[1] The Best Shopify Experts. Period.

Storetasker Experts - Rosa, David, Walid, Erin, Alex, Siah

Connecting you to a great Shopify Expert who fits your brand, budget, and project is the core of our product. Beyond technical skills, the best Shopify Experts are phenomenal communicators, project managers, and critical thinkers. They are reliable, honest, and motivated by a passion to help brands grow.

Over the last several years we have interviewed thousands of Shopify professionals and have hand selected the top 5% for the Storetasker Experts community. Beyond finding talented developers, we work closely with them to ensure they are doing their best work and delivering an exceptional experience for clients.

Over the last year, we have raised the bar even further and will continue to find and nurture the very best Shopify Experts around the world.

[2] Text & Email

Until today, you would log in to Storetasker to chat with your Expert. This worked, but we saw many customers and Experts naturally move their live chat conversations over to text and email. This behavior matched the feedback we heard again and again from our customers, that 1.0 chat was yet another tool you had to log into and use on top of emails, texts, video chats, and calls with their team. With 2.0, we've finally embraced that feedback.