OnePlanet Elevates Your Gaming Experience

<aside> <img src="제목_없는_디자인_(3).png" alt="제목_없는_디자인_(3).png" width="40px" /> OnePlanet, the premier NFT launchpad & marketplace on Polygon, is on a mission to enrich the gaming world through the incredible potential of NFTs. We're not just about trading game items - we're about turning them into dynamic, immersive parts of your gaming journey.


<aside> ⚠️ The whitelist distribution period for early access gamers has ended. Stay tuned for upcoming events!


What is OnePlanet Game Pass NFT?

game pass.gif

Welcome to the OnePlanet Game Pass — your golden ticket to unlock exclusive opportunities.

With this Pass NFT, you gain access to exciting events, such as the chance to acquire rare or valuable in-game items through random draws, and upgrade or swap NFTs in your wallet.

What type of events can I participate in?

Each month, we host a variety of events that OnePlanet Game Pass NFT holders can take part in!

The event may vary depending on the game projects collaborating with, and the game items to be given to the participants.

<aside> 👀 For a sneak peek of the first event in November, Metahorse Unity Mystery Box will be upgraded to a Golden Box with a 2x higher chance of getting rare horse ONLY for the Game Pass NFT holders!



Can one Pass NFT serve all events?


The functionality of your Pass NFT depends on its type you have, ranging from single-use tickets to multi-entry passes.

When you use it for a particular event, the remaining entries will be reduced accordingly.

You can easily track your remaining entries on the OnePlanet website.

<aside> 👀 Celebrating its launch, participating in the first event with Metahorse Unity will NOT counted as an entry. You will still have 10 entry after upgrading your boxes!


How to get whitelisted?

A limited number of Game Pass whitelists are reserved for passionate gamers and the OnePlanet community. Exclusive whitelist events are coming in collaboration with game communities and creators!

Follow OnePlanet on X (Twitter) and stay tuned for the details of upcoming events!