Current Core Peeps


Kalle / Carl

Dev since 2002 or so. Full-time since 2006. All in on Typescript/Javascript & React. Before that it was Scala, Java, Actionscript/Flash, C#/.NET, PHP and so forth. Full-stack developer dinosaur. Likes UX stuff and some marketing things (videos, websites, adwords). Founded Makers’ Den together with Korneliusz in Dec 2017.


Mateusz prime.jpeg


Seasoned software engineer. Passionate about cloud architecture, React development and functional programming**.** Has a wide array of tech in his background. Scala, Haskell, C#/.NET etc. Founded Makers’ Den together with Kalle in Dec 2017

Mateusz 1

Partner. Senior of 10+ years with a lot of various experience under his belt. Mateusz also takes the lead in the hiring process.



Joined us in 2021 as a hotshot rebel React developer. Gained our respect and now he’s leading projects with a vengeance.



Joined us in 2022. Full stack react dev. Avid cyclist that loves to spend her winters in Spain

Mateusz Klusek.jpeg

Mateusz 2

Joined us in 2022. Full stack React dev. Former Lawyer turned full time developer.