<aside> 💡 After your store is launched you can generate unique QR-code for the store or any of your uploaded products/services. Place the code anywhere to sell more and attract new clients.


What QR-code is and how it works

QR codes are digital barcodes that contain much more information than standard barcodes. A QR code can store more than 4000 characters — enough for a URL or web address, an email address and more. QR stands for “quick response”, which means people get quick access to URLs or other information embedded in the code when it is scanned. In fact, many smartphones have in-built QR Code scanning feature in their stock camera application, which means that today any consumer with a smartphone can scan QR codes. The way QR codes work is that someone generates a code, place it somewhere online or offline, and then a user scans a QR code with a QR code reader, which today is usually a mobile phone, and get access to a website address or other information.


How you can use Picksell QR-codes

Picksell QR-codes make it possible to sell anywhere and anytime. After scanning a QR-code of your item from any surface, a customer gets to the Picksell checkout page where he can make an order or save an item in the shopping cart to continue shopping later.

All you need to do is to generate and download unique Picksell QR-codes for your store or your items and to place them somewhere, where your customers can see and scan them:

Learn more about ****tips you can follow to take maximum advantages from using QR-codes.

For what products you can generate a QR-code

You can generate QR-codes for any items you sell on Picksell: legal physical products, services, subscriptions or digital downloads.

How to generate a QR-code for an item

Each item gets QR-code automatically while publishing in a store.

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