The Story

Simply Snack was my 2nd app, and I learned a ton making it. I put a lot of effort designing the app—I watched a bunch of youtube videos and got super familiar with Figma. I also developed and marketed the app myself, reaching #5 on Product Hunt on launch! Once I launched Simply Snack, it got the attention of many people who loved it, and it even got me my first internship at MealMe which completely changed my life!

The Pitch

Simply Snack is the easiest way to keep track of your food and diet. Log your food easily by just taking a picture of it. There’s no need for long descriptions, dull questions, or complicated systems – and no need to stress about what you should or shouldn’t eat.

Never wonder what you ate again and see an up-to-date diary of your meals with the profile page, and explore new recipes from all around the world every day with the explore page.

Download Simply Snack today – it’s free, simple & easy-to-use!


‎Simply Snack - Food Diary