Do you want to integrate internal data (e.g. your purchase prices), or sources that you monitor in parallel, and thus consolidate your entire database on a single platform?

The custom dataseries feature allows you to include your own data directly on the CommoPrices platform, and to further customize your analyses in the various features of the tool.

These customized series can be uploaded directly from a CSV file or created manually.

Create a custom dataseries

To create your custom dataseries, simply click on "Create a custom dataseries" in the Analysis tab and choose one of the two possibilities: manually or from a CSV file.


You can then give a name to your dataseries (for example "Purchase supplier_Polypropylene").

You can also create your series according to your criteria: Currency, Unit, Frequency, Type of data (index or price).

N.B.: once this series has been created, you can enrich it with your updates throughout your subscription and use it for your internal Benchmark.

Once the parameters are configured, you arrive on the tool for entering your custom dataseries and you will have the possibility to add your own data. You can enter points, or a fixed value (very useful if you want to integrate for example fixed costs in your cost models).

From a CSV file (with example)

When creating your custom series: