It's common to forget how far we have come - we are constantly growing and learning.

Keep track of where you started and every month look at and record 'engagement', 'growth in followers', and 'post reach'.

We recommend focusing on one platform and tracking for at least 3 months to see if you are getting the results you're looking for. E.g new client leads or connections. If you aren't seeing results you can try experimenting with another platform.

Remember to spend some time engaging with other members of the community online, this will help increase your reach. It pays back!

Use the table below to track your Monthly Statistics.

February Example

Monthly Stats

Final tip - ask new clients how they discovered you. This can be crucial for finding out which platforms work best for you and where best to spend your time.

Collect this data in a client tracker or CRM. We have a clear and practical tracking template, which we talk about and give away in our hit online course Client Quest.