<aside> 🎢 We announced our $6 million raise, led by Four Cities Capital and participation from 100+ top investors, customers, and operators.


Welcome — we're on a mission to broaden economic opportunity for professionals on the internet, and we'd like your help to get us there.

Our team is currently 13 people, based all around the world. We are working to grow to 30 people by the end of this year. We are looking to bring on engineers, designers, marketers, and product people.


🛣 Our Story

Freelancers are on track to become the majority of the workforce within the next decade. Now, everyone can earn a living by building a personal brand with platforms that empower individuals with infrastructure, distribution, and differentiation.

Well, almost everyone... Lawyers have been left out of this movement. As individuals, lawyers can't just email a company and ask for work. While BigLaw firms leverage their monopoly to command high prices and take advantage of people.

But the market wants better. Companies need legal talent quickly, and their growth is being bottlenecked by lack of legal firepower.

So we asked, what if the legal industry didn't have a century of legal precedent, the burden of the billable hour, or a partnership hierarchy where only a few people at the top got rich?

Enter Lawtrades. We are building an internet-first global workforce so companies can execute faster. We help lawyers become businesses, enabling companies to hire them flexibly and save money. To date, we've sent over $11,000,000 to help lawyers become independent.

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