How do I plug Miles, the CARRO IQ device in?

  1. Locate the OBD port in your car.

  1. Make sure your engine is off and that you're in a place with good satellite connectivity. Then plug Miles, the CARRO IQ device in. Once done, start your engine.

  1. After 30-45 seconds, ensure that the green and red indicator lights on the CARRO IQ device are rapidly flashing (5X per second). You will get a confirmation SMS when you are live!

  1. Take a picture of your car's odometer reading and upload it to

Can't find your odometer reading?

Your odometer reading is usually displayed at the front of the your vehicle, on the driver's dashboard.

  1. Congratulations, you are all set to be Covered on your policy start date! The distance you drive will be updated every hour! Happy driving!