<aside> 💡 Building social media’s work marketplace for everyone Capssion connects brands with creators all around the world to create content worth sharing. We're closing our seed financing round and we're looking for engineers, growth hackers, business developers, a copywriter, a community manager to join our team.


Why we started Capssion 📯

We came up with the idea in 2019. It's not a secret that today’s consumers have trust issues. They know the tactics of marketers and well, they've become immune to most forms of digital advertising. When was the last time you've actually looked at a Facebook Ads?

Now, how can brands differentiate themselves from the pack and catch the attention of potential buyers?

They need to create content. And they need their fans to create content for them. That's where Capssion comes into play → we help brands and creators connect to create content worth sharing on social media, globally, and easily.

Who is behind Capssion 👀

Hi, we're Thibault and Koussey and we've been friends for a few years now! After 4 years in a successful hypergrowth tech company - Lazada, acquired by Alibaba - we decided to write our own path.

Working with hundreds of brands that needed to stick out, we know how important this is. For a few months, we iterated on the product with a shortlist of clients to find the best way to make it work. (And yes, we've pivoted a couple of time before finding the best way to connect brands and creators).

Sébastien joined us a few months later to help us build the 1st version of Capssion, bringing his technical expertise from Satisfactory.

Thibault Couperie, Co-founder & CEO - Hong Kong

**Koussey Goupil, Co-founder & Head of Product - Paris, France**