Canopy Analytics is hiring a founding engineer and our first senior hire. We're a team of 6 with 4 people on our product team (3 engineers, 1 designer).

We make it easier for apartment owners and property managers to manage their buildings and to make their renters happier. Our customers love our product (>85% weekly usage, 95% monthly usage) and it drives over $1M ROI annually for their business. We raised $2.5M from top investors and founders in PropTech and grew +500% in the last year. The key to our success has been a strong team obsessed with customer experience and great product engineering.

What you'll work on

We're looking for a full stack engineer with backend focus. Our stack is Ruby on Rails with server-rendered HTML. Our data is stored in Postgres and Redis. We make extensive use of window functions, rollup tables and caching to keep our application fast. We use RSpec and fixtures for testing (and our coverage is pretty good). The application is hosted on Heroku and we deploy multiple times a day.

We're a web based cloud platform. We build analytics, workflows and alerts that let our customers navigate their data. We update our system nightly through our ETL processes, translating customer data into a common format that's easy to query and visualize. Managing a common format requires deep understanding of our integrations. To manage the complexity, we focus on a strong writing/documentation culture, high test coverage, and keeping low technical debt.

You'll work on delivering new features, improving application performance, and system architecture. In addition, you'll contribute to the product roadmap, engineering processes and culture. We want you to become a leader at Canopy.


More housing in dense urban areas is critical to stopping climate change and improving economic mobility. People shouldn't have to drive or pay high rent for economic opportunity. Apartment management is a $3T industry which hasn't deployed technology in any meaningful way. This creates a huge amount of waste and drives up costs. Our application makes operating apartment complexes more profitable without increasing the rent for renters. We're making it more financially viable to build and operate housing. Our vision is to be the software layer that operates and finances the next generation of cities.


Onsite / Remote Policy

All the founders live in the Bay Area but we've been working remotely for last 5+ years. We're hiring for both onsite in San Francisco Bay Area (Oakland) as well as remote. We'll host multiple company retreats each year to encourage collaboration and build stronger team bonds. Some travel required. We would love for onsite employees to join us in office a few days a week.

We're looking for remote employees to be located in the US and overlap 4 hours with Pacific Timezone.

All employees are required to share proof of vaccination irrespective of location.


Interview Process

The entire interview process should take 5 hours. At each step, you'll be given time to ask any questions about the work and role.

Apply now!

Email with the subject line "Future Founding Engineer - {Your Name}." In the body, mention where you saw this job posting and attach a resume. We would love to hear about what excites you about this position.