Last Updated: July 14, 2021. Version 0.1.7 Private-beta.


Welcome to the Canopi Climate API documentation.

Canopi's Climate API lets you calculate carbon emissions from cryptocurrency usage, financial transactions and activities, and invest in climate solutions via our portfolio of frontier carbon removal projects. The API endpoint is located at

We make carbon accounting and removal as simple as writing a few lines of code, so you can build climate-friendly products quickly and easily. Our Crypto Emission Calculator is a good example demonstrating the functionalities offered by the API.

Crypto Emission Calculator

The API is organized as a traditional JSON REST API, has predictable resource-oriented URLs and uses standard HTTP response codes and methods.

Our API is currently offered as closed-beta and as such all endpoints require authentication and the specification is subject to change without notice. If you're interested in obtaining an API token, please let us know through this form.

JavaScript client library and examples

The following repository contains a client library for JavaScript and example usage. Install the library via npm: npm install canopi-climate.