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<aside> 👋 Hi there! Interested in learning more about Lit AF and what we're all about? Read on!


Who is Lit AF?

We're a theme camp that likes to get lit (in all the ways) while having fun and giving back!

Between past and current members, we have roots in:




To save the darkwads and bring light to the darkside! The playa can be a dangerous place, teeming with darkwads. Safety third, after lights!



We provide lights and host workshops where we teach people how to add lights to their bikes, backpacks, and clothes. You'll also find us out and about on Darkwad Patrol ****to give out lights to those in need at night!


Wait, what's a darkwad?

If you've ever been to Burning Man (or even if you haven't), you might have heard of the darkwad problem. A darkwad is defined as, "Anyone who walks or rides on the playa at night without adequate lighting on the front and back of his/her/their person or vehicle."

Imagine this scene:

You're driving at night down a deserted highway and another car goes by without its headlights on. Only there are no roads and no lanes to dictate the car's path. And there is a circus of lights and sounds lining the supposed highway. And the other car is on acid. Maybe your car is on acid, too.

The darkwad problem has become more and more prolific over the years. Some say it's due to the increasing brightness of other art, both stationary and moving, around the playa. Some say it's due to the number of people not knowing how to light themselves up correctly (where do darkwads come from anyway!?).





Who are we looking for?

🙏💪🤸🏻‍♀️🤗🔨🎭 We're looking for proactive, playful, positive people who are considerate AF, are doers to the max, can squash drama, and are passionate about contributing to the camp.

We don't expect you to drop everything in your life for the camp. However, joining the camp comes with the expectation that you will take an active role in planning and building some really cool shit while nerding out and having a good time!