Goal: grow as much yeast as possible for later autolysing into yeast extract.

  1. Add 60g DME to 1L water.
  2. Add pinch of yeast nutrient and pinch of gypsum powder
  3. Add enough citric acid to reduce pH to 5.6
  4. boiled wort and let cool to ~36C
  5. Add a few pinches of dried bakers yeast
  6. Constant aerated, and will keep temp around 35.5C
  7. By the next morning, the solution was a much lighter brown color ⇒ lots of growth.
  8. Added 30g/60ml wort
  9. Prepared 40g / 80ml and added
  10. raised temp to 55C to lyse (shoot, forgot to cell count)
  11. The color was much darker after 8 hours.
  12. After ~36 hours at elevated temps, I let it cool down. The smell was yeast/sour, and the taste was as well. I reduced it on the stovetop.
  13. After reducing quite a bit, and adding salt to taste, the mixture was dark brown, very sticky, and tasted pretty okay. It was bitter however, but there seem to be solutions to this.