Head to Shopify > Orders > Create Order

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Enter the products you'd like to ship. For each item that you add, click the item price and enter a discount amount equal to the item price, and enter "Gifting" as the Reason code

Note: In order to add products, the products must be "active" otherwise they will not appear in the product list when searching. Products can be made "active" in the product pages or in groups via the product list. Please ensure that the sales channels are disabled. If a product is "active" and available on the "online store" sales channel it may appear on the live site.

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Enter the customer information that you'd like to use to ship the products to. Please note that whoever's email address you input here will receive order confirmation and shipping emails.

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Click on the "Add Shipping" button, then select "Custom". Enter either "Standard", "Economy" or "Express" depending on the desired shipping speed. Leave the Price ****at $0. Do not select the existing shipping methods during this step. You must always select "Custom" and type one of the above methods in.

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Under the "Tags" section, enter "Gifting"

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