i wrote this because:

i want to take over the world

but no srsly sometimes it's nice to have a lil reminder. esp bc writing is exhausting and SOMETIMES WE ALL GET TIRED, YKNOW??

this book is special because:

yes, yes i am making you put this in writing, bc at some point in drafting YOU WILL NEED THE REMINDER!

this week's focus

what are you focusing on this week as you draft?

this month's focus

what are you focusing on this month? could be something as simple as getting a single chapter done or as in-detail as explaining to yourself what POVs you want to write, and why

also! it doesn't have to be writing related! live your life!!!

WIP at a glance




finish-by goal:

the book

put a short pitch here (if you have one) that kind of recaps the heart of the story and will keep it at the forefront of your mind whenever you open your doc. idk you can do whatever you want that's just what is help fOR ME lol

the goal

why are you writing this book? put in in words! make it stare you in the face! no matter how small or outrageous, let it sit in front of you every time you sit down to work. maybe your goal is to just...finish it. maybe it's for you to prove to yourself you can write a new category, genre, etc. who knows! it's all valid!

i've also included "quiet goals" and "shoot for the moon" goals in the sidebar, bc i like having mine on hand!

progress tracker

the cast

date started: