Prism summaries are unlocked by Captures.

When you make a Capture, you'll notice a Prism progress bar start to fill. This goes for Captures on yourself or any colleague. You need 8 Captures of the same type—either 8 Celebrates or 8 Improves—on the same person to unlock a Prism summary.

We recommend 8 Celebrates and 8 Improves for a balanced Prism!

Once you've filled your Prism progress bar, go to your colleague's profile to generate your Prism summary. It will be sent to your email once generated.


<aside> 💡 Keep in mind: Prism summaries are unique to individual colleagues. This means you'll need to hit 8/8 contributing Captures (Celebrates or Improves) on a single colleague—not across colleagues—to unlock a Prism.


<aside> 🪜 Contributing Captures: Only ****Captures made by you with at least 5 words count as contributing Captures toward unlocking a Prism summary.


<aside> 👤 You get Prisms too! Captures on yourself unlock Prism summaries just like they do for other colleagues.