You can embed any of your Vestimonials Pages on your website by simply copying your page's embed code from your Vestimonials account and pasting our code into your website's source code wherever you would like it to appear.

Once your page is embedded, all new videos you approve and any changes you make to your existing videos will be reflected on your website in real time. No need to make changes to the code on your website every time you receive a new video or decide to remove a video.

If you have a web developer who handles your website, you'll want to send them the code from Vestimonials so they can place it on your website. Let's walk through the steps to get your code:

First, head to Pages in your Vestimonials account:

From Pages, find the page you want to embed on your website, and click the Embed code button:

Click the Copy code button on the pop-up that opens or highlight the text area with all the funny looking code in it and right click > copy or press Ctrl + C.

Important note

Be sure to include all of the copied code on your website. The code includes both the iframe that will load your page's videos and CSS and JavaScript that are used to ensure the iframe properly sizes itself on your website. Without the supporting CSS and JavaScript you may find that the videos are not formatted properly.