Products that are removed from your Google Shopping feed or CSV file are also deleted from your Catalogue in Aiden. Do you want to (temporarily) exclude certain products from your product finder, without fully deleting them from the catalogue?

You can deactivate these products by setting them to ⚪️ Inactive.

Excluding products within Aiden can be helpful if you:

  1. Are using your product feed for multiple purposes, not just for your Aiden product finder.
  2. Have multi-variable or 'lookalike' products within your catalogue.
  3. Have seasonal products that you only want to feature in your product finder for part of the year.

<aside> 💡 Good to know:

Your catalogue may feature the same product in different colors, quantities or sizes. This could lead to an advice page that shows too many similar products. Setting such duplicates to ⚪️ Inactive leads to a more diverse advice for your customers.



  1. Go to Catalogue.
  2. Tick the boxes for the products you want to deactivate.
  3. Click 'Set to Inactive'.
  4. The selected products are now ⚪️ Inactive and will no longer show up:
    1. in your preview and live app,
    2. in the matching table in Matching.

Want to reactivate the products? Simply select them and click 'Set to Active'. Any matching that you previously applied to these products is retained, so you won't need to rematch them.