GlobalReader Maintenance app helps to schedule and monitor different workstations' technical work tasks and devices´ current state. The app is designed to help to keep the machines performing with the highest efficiency level possible supported by on-time maintenance checks - a proactive approach instead of reactive.


With GlobalReader Maintenance the technical team can:

Good to know! As Maintenance is part of the GlobalReader eco-system then additional great functionalities are available if you use monitoring in your production

  1. Recurring maintenance jobs can be scheduled based on real machine work and not only on estimated times - Globalreader measures workstation actual usage (time, pieces) and adds maintenance job to correct date
  2. Via Shopfloor Feedback operators are aware when the next maintenance jobs are done on their machine and can add new maintenance jobs to the system for the technical team to handle
  3. Notifications for technicians can be set up if the machine is not working on the expected level to check the situation out before there is a breakdown
  4. Get an overview of how often technical issue related interruptions occur on the workstations

Please read in more detail about Maintenance´s functionalities and how-to-s:

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