Check-in 5 mins:

  1. Check-in
  1. Contributor Scrum Stand-up (10-15 mins)

    1. What did I do in the last week?
    2. What will I do in the week ahead
    3. Are there any impediments in my way

    Blockers- Info overload, missing meetings due to time zone issues

    What will I do in the week ahead

  2. To-Do’s from last week (10mins) -

    1. Research
  3. Metrics and OKR’s:

  1. Build Agenda(15 mins)

Paolo - Updates from last week (10mins)

  1. WorkDAO - wants to invite Jake to community wellbeing meeting, they can showcase what they are doing, leverage learnings from both communities

They are doing the flyer, will send them the logo 2. Networking event - speed dating for DAO Builders, to get to know other DAOs. DAO Builders with Benefits!!

Bounty for POAP

Having a vetting process for the Shill your DAO Difficult to have people self-select Will send Growth team the copy of the debate