1. Interpretation


Carro Leasing Pte Ltd (Company Registration No. 201825832G), a company incorporated in Singapore and having its registered office at 26 Sin Ming Lane #01-111 Midview City, Singapore 573971;

Authorised Driver

A person with a valid licence to drive in the jurisdiction in which the vehicle is being driven, who has been verified by Carro in accordance with its policies and notified as a driver of the Vehicle;

Drop-off Time

The time and date which the parties have confirmed via the platform the return of the Vehicle to Carro at the Designated Location;

Designated Location

The designated location at which the Vehicle is to be collected or returned to Carro by the Subscriber, or such other location as parties may agree;


A vehicle defined under the Road Traffic Act (Cap. 276) as a motor vehicle and registered with the Land Transport Authority as belonging to Carro and listed on the Platform by Carro for rent;


Personal Data Protection Act 2012;

Personal Data

Has the meaning given in the PDPA;

Pick-up Time