There are a couple of ways that you can test or interact with the bot from within the portal.

In the Content Studio Q&A window, you can select either the Simulator or Test after selecting the Review tab.


The Simulator enables interacting with the bot on chatbot or voice by providing a link that you copy into your browser. Test enables interacting with the bot in the current screen. Both methods access the Q&A residing in the Review or Ready to Publish tabs.

We touched on the Simulator in the Vocalizing Input Choices How To but never explored all the capabilities it ships with.

In this How-To we introduce the Simulator and how it can help accelerate the development of your conversational AI application by letting you quickly see how it will look, feel, and sound.

<aside> 💡 You can test with the simulator and even share with other business stakeholders before a subscription is purchased.


The Simulator makes this possible by letting you preview your conversational AI solution in the following channels:

We'll look at each of these in turn. You'll learn how to use them and see demos of them in action.


This HowTo assumes you are familiar with Fundamentals of creating conversational AI applications and created an existing chatbot in UI Builder.

We leverage the application from the Simulator in the Vocalizing Input Choices How To. You can see the simple interaction this contained below:


<aside> 💡 In the above dialog, the chatbot greets the user and presents them with a list of options to pick from. When selected, the selection is then echoed back to the user.