<aside> 💡 With 4 billion daily email users and an ROI of $36 for each dollar spent, email marketing remains one of the most sure-fire ways to engage and convert your target audience, even today.

Your one shot at doing this best? Your email’s subject line.

Check out these subject lines to grab your prospects’ attention, invoke their curiosity, and boost your cold email open rates.


  1. <Name>, too much on your plate?
  2. <Name>, wish to solve <main pain point> forever?
  3. What if you got <x> more hours back every week?
  4. 10x your <company’s main offering> in 10 minutes
  5. <7> proven tips/ideas for <major pain point>
  6. <Mutual connection> recommended I get in touch
  7. Say goodbye to <main problem> with <your product/service>
  8. <x> things you didn’t know are hurting your <ideal state/situation>
  9. How <company x> used <your product> to <get this benefit>
  10. Increase your <desired metric> by <250%>!
  11. Let’s make your life easier, <Name>?
  12. <Name>, your custom report on <subject/pain point>
  13. <5> hacks to maximize your <relevant business metric>
  14. Ready-to-use < relevant template addressing pain point>
  15. No more <urgent and significant pain point>!
  16. <Name>, solve your <issue> with <product_or_service>
  17. Stop wasting time trying to <solve the issue>
  18. Stop wasting money on <competing product/service that offers lesser value>
  19. A quick guide to <solving the pain point>