[Cover description: an assortment of faded, ombré, mixed colors of what I perceive from left to middle to be blue, purple, pink, and peach. The colors extend from middle to right, and appear to me as though they were blended cotton candy clouds in front of a sunrise. End description.]


Please check out my public offerings of my disability justice activism, including presentations, articles, videos/presentation recordings, transcripts, scripts, papers, resource guides, posters, worksheets, podcasts and courses I’m featured in, press about my activism, and tangible pieces (e.g., policy) of my activism! It also includes pages to my affirmations of disability justice, my working draft attempts toward liberatory access (mia mingus), my recommended mental health, educational, & spiritual resources, and my recommended resources for learning and unlearning!

Public offerings of my disability justice activism

More about me - my bio

Hire me!

My creative access, racial, & disability justice consulting is available for community members and organizations on a sliding scale! You can hire me to give presentations and facilitate on Disability Justice in English or Spanish, or for my independent Creative Access Consulting, or to collaborate in other ways. If interested, please email details at DeannaYadollahi@gmail.com.

Please also check out Leaping Water Consulting & the Keri Gray Consulting Group and request opportunities to work with me there! If you’d like to hire a team to give presentations and facilitate on Disability Justice, please check out LeapingWater.org (for Leaping Water Consulting) and WithKeri.com (for the Keri Gray Consulting Group and National Alliance on Melanin Disabled Advocates) and choose what fits best for you. Please be sure to request me specifically!

REVIEWS: What the community has to say about Deanna Parvin Yadollahi’s Creative Access Consulting

Feel free to request my CV via email, check out the reviews linked above, and my Leaping Water bio page and LinkedIn Page! Connect with me and support me in other ways: instagram: @undoing_ableism, (mostly inactive) Twitter: @undoing_ableism and Venmo: @DeannaYad.

For more immediate information about access

If you learned about me because I'm all about the Zoom captions, this is the most recent article by Zoom about their captioning. To learn about access, I recommend reading Access Is Love (especially suggested actions: a place to start) and HEARD's The Revolution Must Be Accessible.

I host and design co-working sessions to be modified to meet one's access needs. Check out DisabilityJusticeDreaming.org to join my community co-working space & discord for CripCreate!