Urban Vault approached Cope with an ambitious goal: redoing their entire brand, tech & product. What made it a greater challenge was that it was right in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, making customer discovery and market chaos in real estate very considerable factors.

We knew the drawing board was important to set up the right momentum for the project and got down to working with the founding team at Urban Vault in understanding their vision for what's ahead, and what their customers found as the most important factors

The new Urban Vault would focus on Startup Studios, Personalized Spaces, and Hyperlocal Storage facilities. The deadline was simple - 4 weeks and the new brand had to reflect from the walls inside the buildings to the entire sales and customer lifecycle.

Client Name

Industry: Real Estate

Location: Bangalore

About the Company

Urban Vault is a chain of personalized workspaces across Bangalore & Hyderabad. Their coworking spaces are typically beautifully designed large-format spaces ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 sqft, housed in buildings that promise a balance between privacy and personalization.

Testimonial and Quote

"Cope's approach and work on Urban Vault was truly transformational, and not just skin deep. The team cares about getting into the specifics, understanding what the market wants, and building with a level of creativity that is top shelf"

Amalendu Mishra, Founder

Key Metric 1

Built the brand, tech and product in a 4-week sprint

Key Metric 2

40% increase in operating procedure efficiency internally

Key Metric 3

2X improvement in office satisfaction

The Challenge

Coworking vs Personalized working: Urban Vault, unlike traditional coworking spaces, does not provide hot-desks or a coworking model of operation. As a provider of personalized spaces to individual offices, startups and early stage companies, this differentiator was not being adequately reflected across in their brand, company and presence.

Mine vs yours: A personalized workspace is a deeply important one for the dreams of an early stage company, who are typically the customers for Urban Vault. How do you build a brand that is very easily recognizable but does not intrude into the personalized workspaces set up for the customers?

An identity fragility: If the brand uses too bold an identity, it risks elbowing out the actual customers of that building, but if it does not, it risks losing customers to the lack of an identity. Balance, much like a lot of things in life was key here.