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Gather and activate your audience with Mirror Subscriber NFTs.

We need to gather, activate, and engage our communities

Thousands of people get content from their favorite communities on Twitter, newsletters, and Discord, yet it always seems like high-value community content is lost in the mix.

How can we gather our audience faster? ****And, following this, how can we activate them and nurture their engagement over time?

An opportunity with web3 incentives

Over the last months, creators have experimented with web3 tools that have provided new paths for community participation. Specifically, the free NFT movement is creating powerful incentives that are catalyzing thousands of people to find new communities:

Although these mints have proven successful in garnering attention, the long-term engagement opportunity has been limited. These creators gathered thousands of wallets but have no easy way to communicate with them. Creators have limited options to engage, activate, and retain this new audience.

Audiences are just collecting today, when they should be collecting and subscribing.


Introducing Mirror Subscriber NFTs

Mirror’s new Subscriber NFTs enable you to embed an in-line collectible NFT for publication subscribers. In short, it is a free NFT that can only be minted if a collector subscribes via email.

With Mirror Subscriber NFTs you will be able to convert passive readers into active email subscribers.

Multiple projects have already proven the opportunity available to web3 communities:

Screenshot 2022-12-08 at 12.44.16.png

Participate in our Private Beta Partnership

Guild has a large audience across social platforms (~50k followers on Twitter!), and regularly has fully collected Writing NFTs on Mirror. However, email subscriptions to Guild’s Mirror newsletter are around ~400 total.

A free Subscriber NFTs campaign could begin to convert this social media audience and readership into a subscriber community, providing you with exportable emails and wallets—the cornerstone of web3 community building at scale.