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John Lee

John Lee has represented a vast amount of immigration and visa petitions in the United States, New Zealand, and Australia.  Having legal experiences in many countries, he is well versed in various aspects of local and international laws of each county not limiting to immigration law.

He specializes in handling various areas of works related to the U.S. consulates overseas, such as National Interest Waiver (NIW and EB-1), Denied Visa, and Denied Entry.  He has successfully processed NIW and EB-1 petitions for many doctors, engineers, professors and businessmen at a local U.S. law firm.

In addition, John Lee currently serves as the Director of the Korea Kickboxing Association as well as their international legal advisor, and qualified association-certified kickboxing coach.  Based on these positions and experience, John Lee has successfully processed the U.S. visa applications and immigration petitions of many athletes.

Fields of Practice:


Immigration Law Service

US Visas and Permanent Residency (KR)