I’m a South Carolina based automator, anchored by a background in software development, who describes himself as a generalist and connector of dots.

I start by listening, I care about visual storytelling, I am thrilled by the potential in each and every person, and love the productivity app Notion.

![ Nick Janes Founder, iGeekuPlay Murrells Inlet, SC 🇺🇸

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Nick Janes Founder, iGeekuPlay Murrells Inlet, SC 🇺🇸

Twitter / LinkedIn / YouTube / Contact

Nick's Work

Conscious Accounting

Conscious Accounting is an accounting firm based out of Saint Petersburg, FL whose mission is to raise financial consciousness using a holistic approach to accounting.

The Problem

They used Notion to track all their client work and internal processes like PTO, communication on client work, Standard Operating Procedures and more but was not streamlined and efficient. They also were using some no-code automation workflows to piece together different tools and parts of their accounting system/workflow, which were not efficient and as autonomous as they wanted.

The Solution

Nick at iGeekuPlay not only completely revamped the Notion workspace but did so with a completely redesigned workflow and client onboarding process from scratch to meet their needs. In addition, he fixed some of the automations that were previously setup and continues to automation and streamline part of the business that alleviated the highest friction tasks in the business’ day-to-day.

The Result

The team has more time to spend working with more clients with the streamlined workflows and organized Notion OS.


Homeroom is a Community as a Service startup who make community management simple by helping you build, manage, and scale your community.

The Problem

Homeroom was struggling to quickly get things done and track their progress efficiently with their previous notion setup.

The Solution

Nick built out a “Business OS” for them taking into consideration the best-practices he has developed over time and the previously existing Notion setup. This OS was both robust yet efficient to use with master databases, templates, advanced self-referencing filters, and more best-practices.