DENA(Decentralized Nations) is a token issued for SMATOOS’ Decentralized Nations project. DENA trades in Uniswap and Balancer, two of leading Decentralized Exchange (DEX) services. Users are free to add liquidity of DENA and earn DENA plus trading fee. First of all, you need a Ethereum wallet that is compatible with ERC20 to use DEX, such as Uniswap or Balancer In this article, I will explain with Metamask Ethereum Wallet. Get Metamask Ethereum Wallet if you don’t have it already.


In Uniswap, you can add liquidity for DENA-ETH pairs. To do this you need a wallet that owns DENA and ETH. If you do not have DENA, trade ETH/DAI for DENA.

Step 1:

Go to the link below.

Step 2

Press the “Connect Wallet” button to link your Metamask Wallet.*DJTrktNyuAzH0ofgk1s9NA.png

Step 3:

You can choose a wallet that you would like to connect. In this article, I will select Metamask.*_7N6FC_tM8E1ngvgbrJ7wg.png